Our Company

Euro Adriatic 07 is part of the investment market in infrastructural development and civil constructions, marking 16 years in the industry. Since its foundation and establishment in 2007 Euro Adriatic 07 operates in the whole territory of Albania, with its main focus on investments and projects in the touristic area of Shengjin, where its most significant constructions and projects are located.Euro Adriatic 07, helping you to build your future.

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Our Services


We offer comprehensive project conception and architectural design services to ensure your vision is realized from the very beginning of the construction process.


We are committed to excellence in every phase of construction development, starting from the initial planning and design stages all the way through to project completion and beyond.


With the ability to fully finance every project we undertake, we offer a seamless and hassle-free experience for their clients, ensuring that their vision is realized without any financial constraints.

Our Projects

Have a Large Project?

Having a human capacity of more than 100 specialists, engineers, and technicians and with a wide fleet of construction vehicles and machines Euro Adriatic 07 is able to cover and complete major projects efficiently and with respect to the deadlines.